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  • Neutering your male dog

    Why should I neuter my male dog?

    Neutering should be done on all male dogs you are going to keep as a pet.

    Advantages of neutering your dog.

    Disadvantages to neutering your dog.

    Most of the disadvantages are false, (like my dog will get overweight.) A dog being overweight is a result of over feeding. Neutering your dog will not make your dog have any personality changes.

    When should I neuter my dog.

    Most veterinarians recommend neutering between the age of 4-6 months or any time after you are done breeding your dog.

    What are the dangers?

    It is a major operation and your dog must go under general anesthesia. The risks of complications are very low.

    After care for your dog.

    Rest and restrictive activity are all that is normally needed. Most dogs can return to normal activity within 5-10 days.

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