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  • Housetraining Tips

    Getting the message across:

    Learn the activities that simulate puppies to go. They are eating, drinking, and waking from a nap. Condition your puppy with a command, such as "out" when you take the puppy outside. Next teach the puppy where to go. Choose an easy access place. The puppy will recognize its scent from previous potty times. Use a training command like "potty time" or "hurry up". When your puppy finishes offer a treat or start playing. Your puppy will soon learn what is expected of it. In the beginning take your puppy out every one to two hours. As your puppy gets older you can increase the time in between outings.

    Scheduling Dinnertime:

    Most puppies will potty within an hour of eating. Try and avoid feeding just before confinement. Offer food two to three times daily at the same time daily. Do not feed your puppy for three to five hours before bedtime.

    Preventing Mistakes:

    Keep your puppy with in eye sight of a family member at all times. If you will be occupied try keeping your puppy on a leash at your side. When you can not keep a constant eye on your puppy try using a crate. If your place treats, toys, or feed inside the crate the puppy should look forward to the crate. Do not leave your puppy in the crate for long periods of time and always take puppy out to potty before confinement. If your puppy will be at home alone for long periods confine your puppy to a larger area. Provide puppy pad and water before you leave.

    Keep your cool:

    House breaking takes time and patience. All puppies will have a few accidents. Correction should be mild. Try stomping your foot or clapping your hands. Correction should only be done when you catch your puppy in the act, never after it is done.

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