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  • First Aid for Your Dog

    I am not a veterinarian and this is not the only medical information you need.

    What is first aid?

    It is the initial treatment given in an emergency.

    The purpose of first aid is to:

    What your priorities need to be.

    What do I do?

    Remember your ABC's:

    Clear airway, do CPR if needed, remember your dog might bite. When you have checked the ABC's now is the time to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding is soaking through a bandage this is an emergency. Call your Vet.
    You have a 4 hour window before most infections will happen.

    Scalds or burns.

    Cool the injury with cold water as quickly as possible. Cover with damp towels and then call you vet.

    Eye injuries.

    Injuries to the eye can be very painful. If you can see a foreign body try to gentle rinse it out with fresh and clean water. Call you vet advice as soon as possible.


    Seizures can be cause by many problems. Keep you pet in a dark confined place until medical help can be sought. Call your vet immediately.

    Heat stroke.

    Reduce your pet's temperature quickly using cool water, (not cold or iced), take dog to vet wet and roll down windows. The evaporation from having the windows down will help reduce body temperature. Leaving a dog inside a car is the number one cause of heat stroke.

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