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  • Chew Problems

    Lots of play and exercise is a must because unused energy can be the cause of many behavior problems.

    Chew Toys:

    When selecting chew toys you must try a few kinds to determine which ones your puppy likes. Try rotating toys every few days to help keep your puppy interested. Toys made of rawhide, nylon, or rubber. You may also what to try toys that can be stuffed with treats.

    Preventing Problems:

    Until your puppy has gained your trust always make sure to supervise or confine your puppy. Do not give your puppy old household items to play with, for example old shoes. You can also try to make items you do not want your puppy chewing by making them taste bad. You can use over the counter stop chewing sprays or cayenne (small amount) mixed with water.

    Anxiety in your puppy:

    Extreme anxiety and destructiveness during your absence may require a consultation with your veterinarian. You might want to try walking your dog before you leave or even try sneaking out. In these cases train your dog to sleep in his create or own bed. Try putting your puppy into a sit position and then a stay position and only allow him/her to eat when you say it is OK. This is an easy way to achieve a dominant position, (Alfa Dog).

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