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  • Basic Pet Training


    Hold a treat in-between your thumb and index finger and say the puppy's name. As your puppy approaches wave your hand towards your chest and say "come". When your puppy gets to you give the treat. Take a few steps backwards and repeat.


    Say pet's name while holding the treat. Put the treat in front of the puppy's nose. Move your hand slowly over pet's head until its nose is pointing up. This should put you pet into a sit position. Say "sit" then feed treat. Be careful not to hold treat too high because that will cause your pet to jump up.

    Lie Down:

    Start with your puppy in a sit position. Hold treat in front of puppy's nose then move treat to the floor at the puppy's front paws. When the puppy lies down say "down" then give treat.


    This is a difficult one for your puppy to learn. The best time to train stay is when your puppy is calm. After a long walk when your puppy is a little tired is also a good time. This command is tough to start without showing a treat to your puppy. Put your puppy into a sit position, lean forward, make eye contact and place the palm of your hand in front of your puppy's muzzle. Uses the "stay" command and walk a little bit away wait one second go to your puppy and then give treat.

    More Tips:

    Use a happy high pitch tone to teach "come", "sit", and "down". Use a low tone slow voice for "stay". Avoid repeating commands so the puppy will learn to do the command on the first command instead of having to say the command over and over. Say "good dog" while giving treats so eventually you can stop giving treats.

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