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  • Zannibals was started April 1, 2007 by me, Sylvia King. I started Zannibals because of my love for dogs. There have only been a few years of my life when I did not have a loving dog companion. There were a few breeds of dogs that I was afraid of, Doberman being towards the top of the list. In September 2005 I was in a dog-less state and really wanting a puppy. My husband kept saying, "No dogs!" However, I knew of his love for Dobermans (he was raised with three, one of which saved his life). So, being sneaky, I realized that he would not pass up an opportunity to own a Doberman. On September 11, 2005, our family went Doberman hunting. After about two hundred and fifty miles of driving around, we found the perfect Doberman. We named her Xandra. As I stated before I was afraid of owning a Doberman and I soon realized that my fear was unfounded. Within a matter of days it became clear to me that she was the best dog ever and I quickly fell in love with the breed. I also, soon became aware that one Doberman was not enough. So, began the search for Xandra's mate. Demo, our male, fell in our lap by a shear stroke of luck. He is our gentle giant, Warlock through and through.

    I decided to become a breeder because of my love for Dobermans. I breed for temperament, temperament, and of course temperament. Both Dobermans are loving, gentle, loyal, and protective member of my family. So that is how Zannibals began. It will continue with the support of my God, my family and a quickly growing product line, which will include Chihuahuas, collars, leashes, toy, treats, and whatever else I find fun and useful.


    Sylvia King

    Owner / Proprietor: Zannibals Pets & Pet Products

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